Plants of the Week: July 17

Lilium Big BrotherLAW(a)

Lilium ‘Big Brother’

Lilies are in bloom all over campus. Lilium ‘Big Brother gets its name from the large flowers that grow anywherefrom 6 to 12 inches across. It can reach four to six feet in height. The flowers bloom in mid-summer and attract butterflies.

This lily is found thriving in the Theresa Lang Garden of Fragrance among lower shrubs. The soft, creamy-yellow of the flower is eye-catching as are other additional accents of yellow scattered throughout this bed. The perennial’s sweet smell and architectural structure with strikingly large flowers make it a showstopper.

‘Big Brother’ can be found …

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Plants of the Week: July 10

Digitalis ferruginea GW-2

Digitalis ferruginea

As I walk around the Scott Arboretum in the summer I am always drawn to big hubs of pollination.  The rusty foxglove patch in the Scott Entrance Garden is one of these hubs.

Both the common and latin names stem from the particularly rusty color of the flowers of ferrugineaD. ferruginea puts up tall spikes of flowers about the beginning of June and they are visited heavily by honey bees.  They also attract hummingbirds.  The flower spikes make good additions to cut flower arrangements.

D. ferruginea naturally grows as a biennial, overwintering its first year with …

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Plants of the Week: July 3


Liriodendron tulipifera

While I was walking the grounds of the Scott Arboretum on a exceptionally hot day, I began to think back to my time as a teenager running around campus on balmy summer nights. The massive tulip tree towering over the Conifer Collection was always a prime destination. With the first day of summer just recently passed, I find writing about this particular tree to be more than appropriate.

Liriodendron tulipifera, able to grow to 90 feet tall with a possible span of 50 feet, holds the largest swing I have ever personally swung on. A splendid tree for …

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