Plants of the Week: September 15

Dahlia ‘Honka Yellow’

Dalhia is an exceptionally versatile genus. It seems like there are endless cultivars of varying colors and forms, all of which are spectacular in their own way. This one, simpler than most, can be found in the Thersea Lang Garden of Fragrance. It has pastel yellow ray inflorescences with a bright orange disk.  Sources say that these can get up one meter in height (ours are only about 10 -12 inches now). It is a lovely yellow Aster family member and it pairs nicely with the electric blue of the Salvia guaranitica ‘Black & Blue’. photo credit: …

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Planting Green Roofs: Sowing Seeds

With the installation of the green roof on Lang Performing Arts Center (our fifth green roof), we experimented with a new way of planting the vegetation: sowing seeds.  A year after the install, we are enjoying the initial success of this seed germination.

As with our past roofs, we planted sedum and other green roof plants with small plugs and by spreading cuttings.  The install was completed by applying a slurry of seed. The seed mixture was combined with pourable fiber mulch and water. This slurry of seed was  applied with a hydro-spraying machine, similar to using a broadcast spreader …

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Plants of the Week: September 8

Asimina triloba

How exciting it is to be at the Scott Arboretum during the brief time when paw paws are dropping their fruit. Remarkably, even though paw paws are the largest tree-fruit indigenous to North America, this season, in my 23rd year of being alive, has been my first encounter with one of these delicious gems. The tree itself is not much to the untrained eye and would likely pass under the radar of the average student or arboretum visitor. Right around this time in late summer, however, it starts dropping its lovely fruit for the keen scavenger to loot …

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