Plants of the Week: October 13

Clematis ‘Lech Walesa’ is a Polish cultivar with pale blue-purple flower. Tepals are darker at the margins, while the interior is almost white. Wavy edges and recurving tips give the flower a frilly appearance. ‘Lech Walesa’ blooms abundantly and over a long period, starting in June and continuing through October. Photo credit: J.Coceano

Garden location: Dean Bond Rose Garden.


Fruits of the harlequin glorybower, Clerodendrum trichotomum, are beginning to open. Native to Japan and China, this species of Clerodendrum is often encountered as a multi-stemmed shrub or small tree reaching 10-20’ in height. Tubular, fragrant, white flowers give way …

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Tulipa ‘Menton’

Fall is for bulb planting and all gardeners plant with visions of spring wonder in their head. This fall I am envisioning the delights of tulips all spring with Tulipa ‘Menton’ serving as the grand finale.

Tulipa ‘Menton’ is a Division 5 (single late) tulip. The oval flowers are perched on straight stems rising 24 to 28 inches. Blooming later than many tulips, ‘Menton’ has petals with a suffusion of pink, violet, salmon, and rose. In a typical season it should bloom in late April to early May. The ‘Menton’ tulip makes a perfect cut-flower and is ideal for planting …

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Scents of Fall

Fragrances of fall typically conjure images of crushed leaves under foot, but there are still delightful scents wafting from blooms in the garden. Inspired by the article about the 26 of the Best Scented Plants in Gardens Illustrated this month, I thought we should explore what has fabulous scents in the fall garden.

Currently tantalizing your sense of smell in the Theresa Lang Garden of Fragrance, Elaeagnus pungens has inconspicuous flowers with a large scent. Described as sweet smelling and similar to a gardenia, the bell-shaped, creamy white flowers bloom tucked under the evergreen leaves. This planted is best used …

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