Perspectives on Lawn Alternatives

This month Susan Harris, garden blogger for and, visited the Scott Arboretum for a class on lawn alternatives. Check out what she had to say about our lawn alternatives. You can visit our lawn alternative plantings behind Beardsley Hall and outside of the Glade Garden.

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  1. The gardenRant website is great. Thanks for passing this on. It’s almost hellebore time. Do you thing a short blog about these great plants would be interesting?

  2. Dear Barbara, GardenRant is my favorite garden blog too. We definitely talk about hellebores sometime this winter. Keep reading!

  3. Becky,

    Is that Carex pennsylvanica in the photo?


  4. Dear John,
    This is an image of Liriope spicata from our John W. Nason Garden. Liriope gives a lovely appearance of a lawn but will not take foot traffic. It needs to cut back in early winter. A word of caution, we have to remove the growth of Liriope around our trees and shrubs because rodents like the tall growth of Liriope and will sharpen their teeth on the woody stems during the winter. This often results in girdling of the tree.

  5. Thanks for these links. Susan Harris’ photos and comments make great notes–even for someone who attended the workshop and went on the slightly damp tour.

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