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Camellia 'Snowflurry' photo credit: S. Keitch

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to visit the Swarthmore garden of the renown plantsman Charles Cresson.  I had visited the property several years ago during the spring season with a professor and I remembered it being very impressive, so I immediately realized I was in for a treat.  Across his garden, camellias were unapologetically strutting their stuff.  Flowers of every variety, consisting of blood reds, pinks, whites, doubles, and anemone tones, were apparent in every pocket of the garden.

Aesthetically, the floral display was spectacular, but the background stories Charles explained in detail were equally as elaborate.  Charles delved …

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Planting a Riparian Forest Buffer

Volunteers who plant riparian forest buffer. photo credit: R. Maurer

On Thursday, October 22 over 35 volunteers from Swarthmore College, Scott Arboretum, and CRC Watershed Association gathered to plant 83 trees and shrubs. These plantings were the result of a TreeVitalize Watershed Grant awarded from Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) and Delaware County Conservation District (DCCD). Volunteers spent the morning planting a 2,000 square feet or 4.59 acre riparian forest buffer along the Crum Creek corridor.


Tools and plants are laid out in preparation for volunteers. photo credit: R. Maurer

These plantings were in addition to the trees planted last spring by Swarthmore College volunteers in the area newly name Roger’s …

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Side entrance to the Wister Center. photo credit: ARCHER & BUCHANAN ARCHITECTURE, LTD.

If you have ever read, watched, or listened to any tips on greening your life, one of the first recommendations given is to turn the lights off when you leave a room and, if you want to go the extra mile, change your light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs. Thus it is no surprise that all the light fixtures and features in the Wister Center maximize energy efficiency as we strive to achieve silver LEED certification.

In my attempts to quantify our total electrical savings with light fixtures and light controls, Brad Randall, an engineer on the Wister Center, informed …

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