Garden Practices

Container Gardening Tips: Choosing Your Container

While it’s true that a single container can be captivating in its own right, as you begin your container project consider, as you select the right size, style and material of the vessel itself, how it will be part of a larger picture.

Identifying the appropriate scale to suit your space will help you plan the composition of your design as well as how much growing medium you’ll need to keep your plants happy and healthy. photo credit: R. Robert

Is your canvas a front stoop or an acre lot? A mature garden or a blank slate? Identifying the appropriate …

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Lawn Alternative Update

As the days slowly become warmer, we are all planning our garden planting for this spring. If you are considering exploring lawn alternatives this year, check out this great update from Susan Harris of Garden Rant about the lawn alternative program at the Scott Arboretum.…

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Declaring War on Mulch Mounding of Trees

Mike McGrath, radio personality of You Bet Your Garden, has declared war on the practice of mulch mounding of trees! To support his plea to cease and desist this practice, he has interviewed several tree experts including our own curator, Andrew Bunting.

The beautiful root flare of a newly planted Quercus rubra. photo credit: R. Robert

Mulch mounding can be so devastating to trees that the Scott Arboretum only applies mulch on the ground around the tree. When we plant, we even pull back the ground to expose the dramatic root flare.

Gypsy moth have infested this Betula nigra

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