Garden Practices

Declaring War on Mulch Mounding of Trees

Mike McGrath, radio personality of You Bet Your Garden, has declared war on the practice of mulch mounding of trees! To support his plea to cease and desist this practice, he has interviewed several tree experts including our own curator, Andrew Bunting.

Mulch mounding can be so devastating to trees that the Scott Arboretum only applies mulch on the ground around the tree. When we plant, we even pull back the ground to expose the dramatic root flare.

These colossal mounds of mulch retain moisture around the tree trunk, encouraging the development of adventitious root growth. These roots grow …

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It’s Time to Divide! 4 Tips for Dividing Sedges

It’s that time of year again: the time to divide! With the 19th Annual Members Plant Exchange & Sale right around the corner on Saturday, May 10th, our volunteers are digging, dividing, and repotting plants. They take care to make the transition from our gardens to yours as seamless as possible. This year we have removed a large number of sedges, which we have divided for the exchange in order to increase their vitality and performance in your gardens.

Here are some tips on how to divide sedges:

1. First, dig out a portion of the sedge mass in accordance …

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What to Divide?

Want to divide, share, or participate in a plant exchange but don’t know where to begin? Take a look at your garden and ask yourself, “Which plants am I willing to part with?” and, “What kinds of plants am I hoping to add to my collection?” If you’re not sure how to begin this evaluation, take an inventory of your existing garden:

Is it dominated by one type of plant? If so, dividing your masses will temporarily tame the dominant species as well as free up space for new plant experimentation.

Do you always tend to garden in one style? …

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