Garden Practices

It’s Time to Divide! 4 Tips for Dividing Sedges

It’s that time of year again: the time to divide! With the 19th Annual Members Plant Exchange & Sale right around the corner on Saturday, May 10th, our volunteers are digging, dividing, and repotting plants. They take care to make the transition from our gardens to yours as seamless as possible. This year we have removed a large number of sedges, which we have divided for the exchange in order to increase their vitality and performance in your gardens.

Here are some tips on how to divide sedges:

1. First, dig out a portion of the sedge mass in accordance …

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What to Divide?

Want to divide, share, or participate in a plant exchange but don’t know where to begin? Take a look at your garden and ask yourself, “Which plants am I willing to part with?” and, “What kinds of plants am I hoping to add to my collection?” If you’re not sure how to begin this evaluation, take an inventory of your existing garden:

Is it dominated by one type of plant? If so, dividing your masses will temporarily tame the dominant species as well as free up space for new plant experimentation.

Do you always tend to garden in one style? …

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3 Reasons to Dig, Divide, and Share your Plants

The weather has finally broken and green shoots are pushing up everywhere. Spring is great time to dig, divide, and share your plants. But why go through that effort when the plants are clearly happy where they are?

  1. To reinvigorate your perennials. Over the years, perennials can begin to produce fewer flowers or develop a “sickly zone” in the center of the plant. Dividing the plants allows for new growth and vigor resulting in improved foliage display and flowering.

2. To stop the  take over! Some perennials are so happy in their location they begin to take over your entire …

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