Garden Practices

3 Reasons to Dig, Divide, and Share your Plants

The weather has finally broken and green shoots are pushing up everywhere. Spring is great time to dig, divide, and share your plants. But why go through that effort when the plants are clearly happy where they are?

  1. To reinvigorate your perennials. Over the years, perennials can begin to produce fewer flowers or develop a “sickly zone” in the center of the plant. Dividing the plants allows for new growth and vigor resulting in improved foliage display and flowering.

2. To stop the  take over! Some perennials are so happy in their location they begin to take over your entire …

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4 Items You Need to Maintain Your Gardening Tools

How are you beating the winter blues? We are thinking warm thoughts and preparing for spring by cleaning, sharpening, and maintaining our gardening tools. The best way to have a good maintenance session is to start with the proper tools.

You will need:

  • Steel Wool or Wire Brush: A stiff wire brush is an ideal tool to remove rust and other caked on dirt.
  • C-clamps or vice: This tool allows you to secure a sharpening stone or file and glide the pruner or gardening tool over its surface for consistent sharpening. It also allows for greater ease in maintaining the

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There is More Than One Way to Build a Green Roof

Last month Swarthmore College and the Scott Arboretum installed their fifth green roof on the Lang Performing Art Center’s six layered roof. All of our green roof installations were retrofitted to an existing roof, thus each one presented unique challenges and solutions. The latest install was no exception.

Built in 1991, the Lang Performing Arts Center needed a new roof membrane this year;  a perfect opportunity to add a green roof to an existing building. Changing this roof to a green roof will actually increase the life of roof membrane by threefold.

This three-story building has six different roof levels …

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