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Beyond Beauty: Why your Rose Garden needs more then Roses

June 10 2015 Update RHR 049Have you visited the modern rose garden? The one interplanted with all types of flowering perennials, trees, and shurbs, alive with buzzing insects, chirping birds and awash in lovely scents. No longer will you find a garden of strictly roses with one month of wow and minimal interaction with birds, bugs, and bees. The renovated Dean Bond Rose Garden has been redesigned with sustainability in mind. The added benefit of considering sustainability in plant selection produces multi-seasonal interest in the rose garden as never before.

Today’s rose garden is interplanted with a variety of plants to encourage the growth of beneficial insect populations to help control unwanted pests. photo credit: R. Robert

Today’s rose garden is interplanted with a variety of plants to encourage the growth of

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Bio Char: Exploring a New Soil Amendment

IMG_0285What is it? Biochar is the carbon-rich product that results when biomass such as wood, manure, or leaves are heated with little to no oxygen available – it is the solid material obtained from the carbonization of biomass. Biochar may be added to soils with the intention of improving soil nutrient content; production of biochar reduces emissions from biomass which would otherwise degrade to greenhouse gasses.

To explain this in more technical terms, biochar is produced by thermal decomposition of organic material under a limited supply of oxygen (O2), and at relatively low temperature (<700°C). This process often mirrors …

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Container Gardening Tips: Choosing Your Container

While it’s true that a single container can be captivating in its own right, as you begin your container project consider, as you select the right size, style and material of the vessel itself, how it will be part of a larger picture.

Identifying the appropriate scale to suit your space will help you plan the composition of your design as well as how much growing medium you’ll need to keep your plants happy and healthy. photo credit: R. Robert

Is your canvas a front stoop or an acre lot? A mature garden or a blank slate? Identifying the appropriate …

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